Deborah and Steve are busy with ministry engagements at church invitations. Also she is serving as her local county Youth Chaplain. Steve and Deborah have had opportunity to air TV programming with Pastor Stephen Mwakibinga, their partner Pastor in Africa on international TBN programs. They have also enjoyed the experience of hosting their own local TV broadcasts.

Deborah is also busy recording her own weekly TV program which can be heard on 
Preach The Word Worldwide Network TV Tuesdays evenings 8:00 p.m. PST airing in all of the United States, Canada & Ireland.

In August of 2010, Steve & Deborah celebrated the opening of their Orphanage in Kitwe Zambia. Thirty six (36) destitute street orphans are now living in the facility. Sixtyfour (64) more are on a list waiting to be rescued. We have facility space for 100 children total. The property in the back of the building has already been purchased and building plans made so that we can increase even larger. Please click here for Orphanage Information.

Ministry At Hand